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Vulnerable Patient Support

What is it? 

We are certain that every nurse has a patient who they are particularly concerned about when it comes to remembering when or how to order their own appliances.

At Charter, we have a program where we proactively contact these patients to help them with their ordering. This ensures they are never without the appliances they need, when they need them.

Who is eligible?

Generally it's those that need some extra support, or those that are likely to be confused about that they need to do and when. It can also be those who have language difficulties. 

What does it mean for your patient?

We will call them 2 weeks after they have been registered to help them place their first order. At this point, we will agree with them how and when they would like to be contacted regarding their future orders. This can be by phone or by email.

If we have attempted to make contact with them on two separate occasions (at our agreed times) and we have not been able to, we will send them a letter to say that we have been trying to get in touch, asking them to call us.


How are they enrolled?

You can identify the patients that you feel are eligible after you register them with us - whether that's over the phone or when you fill out the Charter registration form.

Please note that you must first register your patient before you can enroll them to the Vulnerable Patient Support Program. Once they are registered, you will need to email us with the following three pieces of information only:

     -  Patient's surname
     -  Patient's date of birth
     -  Patient's postcode

Enroll your patient today by emailing us at 


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