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Supporting Your Patients

Once your patient has been registered for online ordering, they will be able to login to their account and take advantage of all the features available to them, such as:


Simple prescription re-ordering

Your patient will be immediately able to see the registration order that you placed for them and with one click of a button repeat that order. The essential complimentary items will automatically be added to their order so you can be sure they have what they need.


Managing their addresses

Your patients can select up to four different delivery addresses to ensure their prescriptions are delivered conveniently where they want them to be. We now some patients convalesce with family rather than go home immediately or at the other end of the spectrum want their delivery sent to work. This is mostly made possible by the entirely discreet, unbranded packaging we use and UPS as our courier.



To keep in line with guidelines, we always recommend that your patients only order what they want and on a monthly basis.  To assist developing a routine, they can set up reminders of when to place their order via text, email or on the website when they visit.


Order updates

As we always collect prescriptions before dispatching any orders, there can be a delay of up to 2 weeks between prescription request (order) and delivery. We can now keep your patients up to date on the latest status of their delivery by email or text and of course their status will be in their order history when they login.

Notifications are sent when:

  • Order is confirmed with order number
  • Prescription received
  • Order dispatched.


Arranging delivery

Once your patients order is ready for delivery, we will email or text them to check whether they want to change their delivery day or location. We can arrange to leave the parcel somewhere safe, with a neighbour or at a local post office if they prefer – it’s up to them.

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